For our clients, listed below is our current client lineup along with the current stages of post production. C3 Videography is not a high-volume production studio. We are dedicated to a single project at a time and place great attention to detail resulting in our high quality productions for you!

Maritess and Ed -> Delivered

Caroline and Eric -> Delivered

Connie and Rob-> Delivered

Anita and Justin-> Delivered

Chris and Mary -> Delivered

Mara and Michael -> Delivered

Easa Wedding -> Delivered

Marion and Scott-> Delievered

Manny and Joan-> Delivered

Marjorie and Eric-> Delivered

Atur Wedding-> Delivered

Sarah and Ron-> Delivered

Nerissa and Marc-> Delivered

Allan Wedding-> Delivered

Gina Wedding-> Delivered

Tien and Mercedes -> Edited

Jennifer and Eric-> Edited

Chan Wedding-> Edited

Janelle Wedding-> Filmed

Rose Lyn-> Filmed

Lori Wedding -> Filmed

Bonivee Wedding-> Filmed

Glenn and Michelle-> Filmed

Jessica and Kyle Wedding-> Filmed/p>

Cindy and Kai Wedding-> Fall 2010

Matt Wedding-> Fall 2010